Food Insecurity



It’s hard to believe that food insecurity exists in over one in 10 Northumberland County households.  Want to help make a difference?

Please copy and paste this draft expression of concern and email it to both Lou Rinaldi, MPP  and Kim Rudd, MP.  Let them know that you want to see income based solutions to end food insecurity in Northumberland County.

Lou Rinaldi, MPP –

Kim Rudd, MP –

Dear ____________

Food insecurity is a serious social and public health problem for our community and the province. About 10% of people in our local communities can’t afford to pay their rent, buy healthy food, and pay for other necessities like school supplies, transportation, clothing, and personal care items.

Our friends and neighbours should not be struggling to buy groceries because they do not have enough money to cover their basic needs. Food insecurity affects their physical and mental health, and their ability to have a decent quality of life.

Every level of government has a role to play in helping people living in poverty to get the food, housing, and other basic needs they require to be healthy. Food banks and charity programs provide some short-term relief but they are not the answer to food insecurity and poverty.

This year the provincial government announced a pilot project to test how a basic income guarantee could improve the lives of people living on low incomes.  This pilot is a start but more needs to be done.

Income is the solution to food insecurity. I urge you to stand behind income solutions like a basic income guarantee, increases to the minimum wage and improvements to employment standards.

Thank you for your time

[Your Name]