Strategic Plan

Northumberland County Food Policy Council –
Strategic Plan – 2016 – 2020

Vibrant, sustainable, food-secure communities in Northumberland County.

The purpose of the Northumberland County Food Policy Committee is to bring individuals, agencies, and local government together to examine the operation of the local food system, stimulate and lead a dialogue on food, promote projects in the community, and provide policy ideas and recommendations that enhance a sustainable food system.

Pillars (Values)
• Health
• Environmental Integrity
• Advocacy and Education
• Local Economic Development
• The Celebration of Culture and Community
• Healthy and happy People making strong enduring communities

1) Advocacy
2) Communication / Relationship Building
3) Sustainability / Governance
4) Education

1) GOAL: Advocacy
a) Advocate for a food policy;
b) Scan existing policies of other regions, prioritize the ones that fit best for Northumberland
c) Be an active voice that will address loss of farm land, food access, and food security.

2) GOAL: Communication / Relationship building
a) Create a pathway to County Council;
b) Create a pathway to other stakeholder organizations of influence
c) Network with other similar organizations

3) GOAL: Sustainability / Governance
a) Maintain core staff;
b) Maintain continued diverse stakeholder representation;
c) Develop and maintain a strategic plan
d) Develop and maintain an operational plan
e) Develop a sustainable funding model.

4) GOAL: Education / Communication
a) Share knowledge and resources with committee and the public;
b) Increase awareness of who we are and what we do; and
c) Promote Northumberland County food resources