Useful Links


HKPR District Health Unit 

Food security is often defined as having access to safe, nutritious foods that allow people to maintain a healthy and active life.  Visit the health unit’s “Food Security” section to learn more about food security programs within Northumberland County.


Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority

Do you want to have a role in conserving our natural environment? If so, the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) has numerous ways in which you can help. The Clean Water-Healthy Land Stewardship Program offers many projects, programs and services that are tailored to homeowners, rural property owners, farmers, students and teachers, businesses and service clubs. Anyone, young or old, can do their part to conserve and enhance our local watersheds.


Northumberland Farm Fresh

Northumberland farms are open for business! Use our 55 Farm Fresh Destinations Map and find local produce, seasonal availability, community events and weekly farmers’ markets.


Northumberland Food For Thought

Northumberland Food For Thought (NFFT) works to ensure all children in Northumberland County attend school well nourished and ready to learn. We aim to provide safe environments, free of judgment, in which children and youth can develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Our programs take a universal approach, and serve all children in the county regardless of socioeconomic status.


Northumberland County Food 4 All

Food 4 All is a non-profit centralized food distribution warehouse located in Cobourg, Ontario. This collaborative project was created to ensure a higher level of food security in Northumberland County. The warehouse acquires food and other essential items and redistributes them to local community agencies who in turn distribute them to their clients.


Best Before Dates

Keep it or toss it?  How long will your favorite food or beverage stay safe and tasty?  What’s the best way to store it?  Get the answers for thousands of items!


Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre

Northumberland County and their Economic Development Department have built a facility to meet the value-adding needs of small-to-medium-sized farms and businesses.


Ontario’s Local Food Strategy

Ontario is a strong supporter of local food production and sales. Since 2003, the province has invested more than $180 million in initiatives and projects that help promote and celebrate the good things that are grown, harvested and made in Ontario.


Sustain Ontario

Sustain Ontario is a province-wide, cross-sectoral alliance that promotes healthy food and farming. Our mission is to provide coordinated support for productive, equitable and sustainable food and farming systems that support the health and wellbeing of all people in Ontario, through collaborative action.


Southern Ontario Food Collaborative 

Southern Ontario Food Collaborative has 39 representatives from provincial, regional and municipal governments, food businesses, and food and farming organizations who have a vested interest in sharing information and ideas regarding food and food waste, and to determine the potential for working together to decrease wasted food.



Ontario Food & Nutrition Strategy

A Plan for Healthy Food and Food Systems

Many of Ontario’s leading health, food and farm groups have been working on a Food and Nutrition Strategy for the province. We know that a coordinated, cross-ministerial approach to food policies and programming has tremendous potential to make sure that Ontario’s future is one of healthy people, a strong economy, resilient ecological systems, well educated kids and much more.


Foodland Ontario

Why buy local?  Ontario food is good for you and good for Ontario. Discover our reasons


Eastern Ontario Local Food

We are all about building relationships and supporting local food in Eastern Ontario.


Starting a Farm in Ontario Business Information Bundle,

Whether you currently own farmland or are looking to purchase, rent or lease acreage, starting a new farm business requires planning. The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments have introduced a wide range of programs including grants, loans and other funding options for Canadian Farmers and Agri-Business.


Food & Beverage Business Information Bundle

If you belong to – or plan to join – Ontario’s dynamic and growing food and beverage processing industry, you’ve come to the right place.


Selling Food to Ontario Workshops

Learn how you, as a farmer or small processor, can access new market channels